Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Half Marathon? That's easy...

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I wrote down in my new year's resolutions that I wanted to run a half marathon this year. I decided to sign up for the Brooklyn Half-Marathon on May 21st, which starts in Prospect Park and ends in Coney Island. Aside from looking forward to a Nathan's hot dog at the end of my journey, I'm hoping to come away from this experience stronger and enlightened.

I also want to write about my runs and track my progress. No promise that this blog will be anything but ramblings, but I like to write, and I like to run, so here is my wimpy little running blog.

A friend of mine ran a marathon last year, and I picked his brain a bit about how it went and if he had any advice. His only recommendation was a book; The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer. He said he hadn't run more than 3 miles before training for the marathon, and it gave him what he needed to complete it both mentally and physically. I finally ordered it online, and now I am hooked!

The objective of the book is to help "non-runners" complete their first marathon. Inspired by a marathon-training class at the University of Northern Iowa, each chapter focuses on mental and physical preparation for the 16-week long training program. Out of all of the people who took the class, only one didn't complete the marathon. It wasn't due to lack of effort; he tried running it, but was not properly hydrated. Cheesy comment alert: if every person who took this class can do it, so can I. There is no talk of pace or extreme footwear to make you Usain Bolt, only positive insight on how to complete it.

Though I am technically training for the half, after reading just the introduction to Marathon Trainer, I was inspired to go for the full marathon later this year. Not only because it has been said that completing a marathon is one of the best psychological experiences you can undergo, but it sounds much better than running a half...

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  1. Nathan's hotdog eh? And a full Marathom! Wow! I look forward to seeing you at the end and then getting your eval of the book!