Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Chicken, or Not to Chicken?

So I tried out the new recipes – and they were awesome.

Mmm Chicken Sausage.
And new cooking utensils courtesy of Mr. Claus!
The raw salsa was really fresh (note for summer) but yummy, and the chicken sausage & veggie pizza was almost brick oven quality.

Secret Ingredient: Honey.
In addition to having an amazing (and healthy) meal two nights in a row, I also discovered my love of chicken sausage. For only 140 calories a link, you get a hearty protein that doesn’t have the greasy, icky after-taste of bacon or regular sausage. I may just have it for every meal.

Do you like how I staged my fork and knife?
While we’re talking about chicken, I also realized that sometimes, substitutes for that higher-fat meat we Americans love just don’t make the cut. In an attempt to not throw away my gym workouts this week, I decided to make deconstructed chicken tacos for dinner last night. Ground chicken is a sorry excuse for a ground beef substitute; other than having the word “ground” in it, it’s about as similar to ground beef as tofu. I still ate it… as well as half of a Twix… and a mug of cereal (I’m getting into eating foods out of mugs these days).

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  1. Next time, I will try the chicken sausage with you. As as one of those Americans, sometimes there is nothing like the greasy and to me "not so icky" after-taste of bacon or sausage. And another no-no? Turkey keilbasa!