Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Works For Me (and Let's Be Honest, What Really Doesn’t)

What Works

Running four days a week really works for me. I’ve gotten to know my joints and muscles pretty well over the past year, and anything over four days of running has led me to injury. Aside from that, I’m a girl who enjoys a cocktail on a Saturday night (or a Stella Artois. It’s a chalice not a glass). These training programs with both Saturday and Sunday runs would really cramp my style. At this stage in the game, I simply don’t want to give up gallivanting.

Mmm Tonga Room... we got along so well.
What Doesn’t Work

Rushing around does not work for me at all. I’ve been trying to limit speed walking throwing elbows while commuting, because getting home five minutes earlier truly doesn’t make a difference. It also makes me breathe really fast and get stressed, and I don’t need to add any more stress to my life.

I was rushing just a bit while trying to get out the door today for my run, and I completely forgot to exchange my regular bra for a sports bra. I noticed around mile 2.5, and I was too far out to care to turn around and change. Please note that rushing around can lead to chaffing.

What Works

Kelly Clarkson on my iPod. Sing it girl.

She looks so young!
But more importantly, American Idol was
really budget with that bib.
What Doesn’t Work

TV shows that should be awesome but really aren’t. Once Upon a Time, Happy Endings – Get your ish together! You both used to be cute and funny and now you both kind of suck. But I still watch you.

You guys are kind of annoying.
What Works

Tempo runs. I had a really great tempo run after work and finally busted out my shorts for it. Turns out, shorts work for me too.

Mile 1 (warmup): 8:50
Mile 2: 8:10
Mile 3: 8:50
Mile 4: 7:25
Mile 5: 8:20
Mile 5.5 (cool down): 4:00
Total: 45:32

Which leads me to…

What Doesn’t Work

Timing tempo runs on a pink Timex from Target. I really need to get a Garmin. Something went awry around miles 3 and 4…

What Works

Looking at photos to cheer me up. Can I go back to California now?

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