Thursday, May 31, 2012

Runner's High

It’s been a hot minute –I think I was a little overwhelmed from all the races I had been doing. But don’t worry, I’ve still been running.

I was ready this year for an awesome race pic.
May or may not have practiced acceptable
running poses in the mirror.

After the half, I took a few days off from running, and went to a spin class with my favorite gay-straight man at NYSC. We did lots of fake hills to his awesome playlist, and it was nice to mix up my workout regiment a bit after running so much. I’ll be heading to Vermont in a few weeks for a family reunion, where my dad has challenged us all to a race to the top of his favorite peak. As a result, I am testing out spin classes all over the city now to get my legs ready for Vermont’s unforgiving landscape. I am determined to beat Papa Wyman.

My first run post-marathon was over my beloved Williamsburg Bridge. I was still on a runner’s high from a great race, so I just enjoyed the run without a care about pace or distance. I’m still getting used to the heat that has been sitting on New York, and I try not to leave home without a big bottle of water until it feels normal to be running in 80 degree heat.

I spent Memorial Day weekend doing fun things like seeing post-punk bands perform bad music and going to outdoor festivals with yummy food.

Best grilled cheese. Ever.
At Dekalb Market!

To celebrate our Monday off, Keith and I went for a run together. It. Was. HOT. Since Keith is way faster than I am, I tried to start the pace off fast, but we deemed it too quick for the 90 degree heat. Keith was smart and turned home after about a mile and a half. I decided I was feeling good, and continued to run. When I made it to my turnaround point very parched, I realized that I had no money to buy water on the way home. I was not too far off from seeing mirages of palm trees and swimming holes.

I rounded out my run at about four miles, but it felt more like 10.

I realized that my IT band that gave me so many issues after the marathon was feeling a bit sore, so I took a few days off from running. I am running the American Heart Association Wall Street 3M Run today, and I wanted to make sure that I felt nice and fast for it.

Highlight of the week: While I was doing the typical hike up to the Upper East Side to grab my shirt and bib for the run, I ran into 1 ½ A List Celebs:


They were an adorable mama/daughter duo, and Suri skipped down the street while Katie was all smiles. And, part of my body was caught up in a paparazzi shot.

I plan on chugging water today to prepare for the 3M race this evening, which should be quick but fun. I’m most excited that after today, I will be done with 7 out of the 9 races I need for the stupid 9+1 program. Just two more races to go and I will be ready to take on the Verrazano Bridge next year!

Tune in for my race recap at Wall Street – unfamiliar territory for a race = happy Kate.

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  1. Best grilled cheese EVER? After all of the sandwiches I have made over the years? :( As for beating your Dad, well - we will see won't we! :)