Monday, July 9, 2012

My Second Home

I moved to New York City two years ago this week. I was wide-eyed from the tall buildings, abundance of outdoor bars and restaurants, and the hipsters who seemed to fill said bars and restaurants every hour of the day. I was looking forward to starting my life as a big girl, all grown-up, in the city that never sleeps.

But before I moved to the big city, where some of the glitter has rubbed off and reality has set in, I lived in the wonderful city of Boston.

The finish line of the Boston Marathon!
I suppose the grass is always greener – but when Keith and I visited some friends in Beantown this past weekend, I suddenly forgot the reasons why I left such an amazing place.

It’s so clean! It’s so quaint! The north shore is so close! LOOK AT ALL OF THE RUNNERS!

Boston Marathon 2011!
I think that is Ryan Hall, but don't take my word for it.

We got in late Friday night, and had a couple drinks with our good friends, Anna and Steve. We plotted out our Saturday activities, which ended up being a perfect day.

First stop, the beach.

We drove up to Ipswich, and took our towels and sunscreen to Crane Beach. It was a bit overcast, but it was kind of nice not to sweat profusely as I usually do at the beach. Also, we did cartwheels and handstands on the sand bar.

Next stop, Russel Orchards.

Anna and Steve took us to this cute little orchard/farm just a few minutes away from the beach. There were lots of animals and farm-like smells to keep us entertained, and we picked lots of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Blueberries! So yums.
When we got back from the beach, Anna and I went for a 5ish-mile run (obviously).

SO excited.
After having eaten lots of berries, some cider donuts, and basically drinking no water all day, our stomachs were a little rumbly. But we let our runners high take us through a run in beautiful Brookline. Anna is also an avid runner, and is one of the first people who encouraged me to run a marathon. The miles flew by as we talked about everything from running form to upcoming races. <3

Forgot the Garmin! Quickly downloaded the MapMyRun app which worked just as well.

While I adore my little nook in Brooklyn, it was refreshing to go back to a city that I truly love. As Keith and I were heading out, we passed the Charles River, and I pictured myself going for an evening run on the esplanade. I still have plenty of things I want to do and experience while I’m in New York, but I think my heart (and my running sneakers) want me to come back to Boston someday.

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