Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tomatoes and Real Life

Disclaimer: I am not going to talk about running in this post outside of this paragraph. I am taking this week off from running to give my body a break, and I am thinking happy, healthy thoughts. So on to real life things!

Last weekend (I know it’s almost already a new weekend, but it was a good weekend and I have lots of fun photos of it so just go with it), I went home for my cousin’s wedding reception. As I was packing and getting ready to hit the road Friday evening, I noticed something that made me jump for joy.

You are so little and green and cute.
My tomato plant is actually growing tomatoes!!!!

I’ve begun to think I am cursed with a “black” thumb. Keith gave me an aloe plant for Christmas, which died within about two weeks. And my dad gave me a flower plot, which almost grew, but never produced any flowers.

So when I got a tomato plant earlier this summer, I made it my mission to turn my black thumb green. I urge them every day to grow faster so I can eat them.

We headed to beautiful New Jersey, and enjoyed all the amenities that going home brings.

Grass! Trees! Clean air!
Yummy Treats!
Saturday was spent going to J.Crew to get my fill on outlet store prices, followed by a lobster lunch that I did not partake in. I just can’t handle eating something that was crawling in my parents sink a moment before. So I ate a hot dog instead.

Papa Wyman is too cute.
As we were getting ready for the wedding reception, I was trying to convince myself that I could in fact make it look like I had just been to the hair salon. But after one beer and many bobby pins, camera-ready I was not.

I brought in my personal hair wiz, Kelly, to see if she could do what I was picturing in my head. In about 30 seconds, she put a gorgeous braid in my hair and tied it back into a bun. I went from hot mess to bunhead in an instant.

Hair Stylist Extraordinaire.
The wedding reception was at Triumph Brewery in New Hope, PA – perfect for a bunch of Irish folks like us. We drank yummy beers, caught up with some cousins, and threw in a couple dance moves when the mood was right. There also may or may not have been a Taco Bell pit stop on the way home…

I woke up on Sunday morning to the smell of bacon cooking. Since I won’t be home on my actual birthday, we had a mini early celebration. Birthday brunches are a serious business in the Wyman house, so I requested my favorite selection of mimosas, bacon, pancakes, and omelets.

Note the birthday tablecloth!

It was a relaxing break from the city heat, and I got plenty of face time with my awesome fam.

This evening, I’m off to my beloved Boston for the weekend! I will probably still have the same big smile on my face when I get home Sunday night.


  1. Stopping by your place soon for a couple tomatoes...

  2. Sooo happy you enjoyed your hair style!!! :):)

  3. Could it have been a more perfect weekend? Only if it lasted longer...