Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lots of Good Food & A (Very) Hilly Run

Today’s Workout  – 5 Miles, Hills

I spent this past weekend tapping into some childhood happiness at New England’s State Fair called the Big E.

An omen of great things to come.
Keith’s family and I headed up Saturday morning bright and early to the fair that took place in West Springfield, MA.

We grabbed some yummy breakfast sandwiches, and then started through the fair. The Big E is sort of a mini-town – beyond the typical fair staples of food stands and carnival rides, they have replicas of the state houses for each New England state that you can walk through and explore. Each state house was full of food and trinkets that locals make (Vermont – Maple Syrup, Massachusetts – Lobster Rolls… you get the picture). I grabbed every sample of cheese and fudge I could get my hands on.

Mmm mini pies.
Perhaps the only item I didn't consume that day.

Cool old car!
We filled up on Harpoon Oktoberfest (there are few things in life I love more than fall beer), saw the New England rednecks out in droves, and made our way over to the “Farm-a-Rama.” There were baby chicks hatching, a mama and baby alpaca, Clydesdale horses, and baby pigs!!!

Cute lil spotted pig. I want to take you home.
I retract my previous statement. There are few things in life I love more
than watching baby pigs climbing over each other to get to their mama.
There were also lots of fun trinkets you could buy – everything from puppets to jewelry to cute little Halloween decorations. I had to refrain on a few things, but I did walk away with a block of Vermont cheddar cheese and a pez dispenser.

Keith found me a beautiful hat.

Excitement after ordering a "large" kettle popcorn 
I took a little catnap on the ride home – probably my body’s way of preparing for the nine miles I had to run after a day of walking, drinking, and eating. So after a little hydration and procrastinating, I hit the road for my long run around Keith’s hilly neighborhood.

Hilly. F-ing. Run.

I know the roads around Keith’s house pretty well, since I almost always fit in a run when we visit his parents. I wanted to try a different route, and one that wouldn’t force me to make two loops (it’s mentally easier for me to finish a run when I don’t pass home halfway through). I was trucking along, feeling pretty good, and suddenly realized I had no idea where I was. Luckily, a somewhat-friendly man walking his dog was around the bend from me, and I asked him for directions. Normally I hate being lost, but it was oddly exhilarating. And there’s comfort in knowing that if you simply turn around, you can follow the route you just took home…

This was my longest run in awhile. Not going to lie, I was completely wiped by the end. I tried to keep in mind that I was running an incredibly hilly route, and my pre-run fuel of cider donuts and beer probably didn’t help any. But once it was over, I decided to see it as a confidence boost that I could successfully run all those crazy inclines.

I had an amazing meal with Keith’s family, watched some of the Notre Dame Football game… and was in bed at 9:30. Successful day in my book.

I did a 5 mile “hilly” run at the gym this morning. Everything was telling me to stay in bed since the sky was dark with rain clouds, but I dragged myself out of bed and I’m glad I did it. I think the hills over the weekend helped build my endurance, because I didn’t feel like dying when I boosted the incline level past 1.0 on the treadmill.

Aside from being excited to go home and finally put up the curtains my mom made me while likely watching my new copy of the Hunger Games (thanks Kel!), today marks an amazing day. My anniversary with Keith!

Surprise flowers waiting for me!!!
(Cue icky love stuff)

So happy to be with such a wonderful person, who makes me laugh and smile every day!

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  1. You say cute baby pigs - I see future packages of Cracker Barrel bacon!