Monday, March 4, 2013

Running and Drinking in Brooklyn

I had my very first training session with Team in Training (TNT) this past Saturday!!!

(No accompanying pictures for this section since I completely forgot. You will have to do your best to imagine this crazy Saturday morning).

My good friend Melyssa came up for the weekend from DC. She was a doll and couldn’t care less that I wanted to go to the first practice while she was here. So we had a couple of Modelos when she got in on Friday night, and went to bed at midnight.

In my exhaustion, I set my alarm for 6:40AM on the weekdays setting. But my internal alarm clock is so awesome that I woke up at 6:51AM on my own. *Pats back.

I picked up Meggie, and we headed to Prospect Park chatting like little girls despite the early hour. We met our fellow Brooklyn TNT-ers, and they all seem incredibly nice and funny.

We did two short Out-and-Backs, and some strength-training that reminded me of gym class (think grapevine and skipping). My knee was feeling O.K., so I was hopeful that I finally kicked my stupid injury.

Most of the group gathered at Park CafĂ© after the training session for a hot, greasy breakfast. Meggie and I sat at a table with three “mentors” who are AMAZING!!! Team Brooklyn has about 8 mentors that have been through TNT before, and help answer questions and offer general awesomeness. I sat next to my mentor, Andy, as well as mentors named Brooke and Rose. The three of them did it together last year for the first time, and they had fun pearls of wisdom for us (“Don’t get a wetsuit with sleeves”; “We always gorge on pancakes and other yummy brunch things after Saturday morning practices”).

They also mentioned a sprint triathlon that is in Staten Island about 5 weeks before the NYC Tri. It’s called “Flat as a Pancake” because the course is flat and they serve pancakes at the end of the race. I’m eyeing it as a possible practice race.

High-tech website.
I was on a high after a fun practice, and an even better breakfast. But once I parked Keith’s car, and was walking back to my apartment, MY STUPID IT BAND BEGAN TO ACHE. I’m honestly so fed up. I took a full four weeks off from running, we did a measly 20 minute jog at practice, and yet my IT band continues to hurt.

I emailed TNT’s Brooklyn Coach, to see if he had any advice. He said that IT band injuries can be persistent, and recommended getting a second opinion. While I LOVE my PT Dr. Ngo, I booked an appointment for tomorrow with another PT, Dr. Levine. I’m hoping he will have some nuggets of wisdom that will cure me so I can start training.

I was SUPER annoyed after hobbling home, but changed my mood because my friend Melyssa was awaiting a fun weekend in Brooklyn.

Doing what we do best.
We made our way to Brooklyn Brewery, but like the dodo I am, I forgot my ID in my running pants back at the apartment (#firstworldproblems). Brooklyn Brewery is perhaps the ONLY bar in Brooklyn that cards, so we were turned away. We hopped in a cab back to my apartment so I could get my ID, and came back 10 minutes later, only to find a newly form line of 50 people. It was just not meant to be.

So we ditched the Brewery, and headed to Spritzenhaus, where we had us some delicious German beer and bratwurst.

Keith and some of our friends came to meet us for some good, old-fashioned day drinking. Let’s just say that Melyssa and I do not have the stamina that we did in college. We were in bed at about 11:30.

After a delightful Sunday of resting and watching You’ve Got Mail, I am ready to take on Week 1 of TNT Training!!

Already loving our witty coaching staff.

FAQ: Where do you swim in the NYC Tri?
Me: The Hudson River...
Every person’s response: uuuhhh ewwww (judging judging)

Yes it will be gross, but that’s part of the experience. I promise to share my river germs with you.

In preparation for our date with the Hudson River in 19 weeks, tonight is the first swim group practice. I am so excited! I will finally re-learn how to swim, after years of neglecting what I learned in summer camp and the swim lessons my parents sent me to. Learning how to swim “efficiently” (I know how to swim, people) is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s been on my bucket list, along with jumping out of a plane and meeting Sarah Jessica Parker.

It's likely I was a better swimmer at age 3 than I am now.
Now I want an ice pop.
I’m going to try something new that most official “bloggers” do and see how it goes. I’ll leave each post with a question, because I am usually at a loss at how to finish these things up.

What’s the one bucket list-skill you wish you could learn? Would it involve swimming in the Hudson River?


  1. My Bucket list includes :
    Swimming in the waters around the Galapagos Islands!

  2. If you can swim there, you can swim ANYWHERE! New York, New York! Or touch ANYTHING! Or..... Great pic of our CupKate!