Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 1 – NYC Marathon Training

It’s true. Last week was my first week of marathon training.

My new mizunos! aka the same shoes Wendy Davis
wore on that infamous day. aka my filibuster sneaks.
(I didn't realize they were the same ones she wore
until Keith pointed it out after I bought them).
To answer the question that my mom/boss/friends/accountant have asked, “You don’t have a break between tri training and marathon training?” Nope.

When I signed up for the triathlon back in January, I figured my running fitness would be in good shape by July. I guessed that moving right into marathon training would be no problem.

I didn’t anticipate that I would be sidelined most of the spring by an injury I’m not going to talk about anymore. It’s brushed under the rug, just like the hours I wasted watching the Newsroom.

So when I started putting together my training plan for the NYC marathon, I was nowhere near the mileage that Hal Higdon or Runner’s World recommend you start at if you’re an “intermediate” runner. I was a little discouraged, not to mention unsure if I would be in good enough shape to do the marathon.

Then I decided to look back at what I did in 2011 and 2012 for training. I used the most basic of basic marathon training plans for the 2011 Cape Cod marathon. It was totally manageable, with no long run lasting more than 18 miles. And guess what? I finished that marathon with a huge smile on my face.

In 2012, I designed a pretty aggressive marathon training plan. I started off wanting to beat the 4-hour time mark, and felt fairly confident I could get there. But then I got injured, and I had to really dial it back. I had to re-assess my goals for the marathon, and realistically kiss that 4-hour mark goodbye.

But you know what? I PR’d by 23 minutes in Philadelphia. And that is something to be proud of.

For my NYC marathon training plan, I’m taking some advice from my past self. I’m going to train for my current ability, not where I thought I would be at this point. I’m taking it slow, and really enjoying each run. I guess this is sort of cliché running blog chatter, but for me, it really feels true.

I’m not going into the NYC marathon with a time goal (!!!).

There’s a huge part of me that wants to get under that 4 hour time threshold. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. But if I can learn anything from last year’s experience, having a time goal made running NOT fun for me. And while I had a super secret goal of beating 3 hours for the NYC tri, when I was doing the race I was completely clueless as to what my time would be. I had no watch during the swim or my transitions, and I started my run watch too late. My time came as a complete surprise. That surprise factor made me enjoy the race so much more.

So what was Week 1 of NYC Marathon Training like? Let me spit some numbers at ya.

Monday: REST from the tri (went to the pool and got a pedi with Meggie instead)
Tuesday: 3 Miles, Easy
Wednesday:  3.5 Miles, Easy
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: 3 Miles
Saturday: 6 Miles
Sunday: Bike and Strength Training
Total Miles: 15.5

I took my paces pretty easy this week. I wanted to just enjoy running, and get used to the 4-day training week. I felt really good, and I was SO happy to get back into it.

As much as I loved the experience of the tri, I was secretly thrilled not to have to pack a heavy gym bag and squeeze into a wetsuit last week. Being able to just lace up my sneakers and go is one of the many reasons why I love running.

I was also thrilled to be able to fit yoga into my workout regiment last week. I literally haven’t been to yoga in FOREVER. I wanted to re-align my chi and do some uncomfortable stretching.

I checked out Yoga to the People in Brooklyn, which is a donation-based yoga studio (they recommend a $10 donation, but you can pay less or more based on your bank account). It’s a no-frills studio, which meant no AC. I’m really happy I brought a towel, since on Thursday it was about 100 degrees. It didn’t stop me receiving judgey stares from my neighbors because of the disgusting amount I was sweating. I SWEAT OKAY? It’s normal. You are a freak of nature if you aren’t sweating in a 90 degree studio while trying to balance in Warrior 2.

It felt SO so good to do yoga again. I stopped doing it because it always gave me back pain. But at the end of this class, I felt great (then quickly ducked out so the girl next to me couldn’t see my sweaty face. She was secretly shaming me). But I really hope to continue incorporating it into my training, since other running blogs swear by it.

My "long run" on Saturday was not as painful as I thought it would be. I only had 6 miles to do, and I made sure to wake up early to beat the heat. The sky decided to be kind, and I had cloud cover for the majority of the run. I took my usual long run path over the Williamsburg Bridge, which I haven't done in a hot minute. I huffed and puffed up the hills just as I expected to. I took walk breaks when I needed them. I wasn't in a rush. I was just enjoying myself.

I’m excited for another week of low-pressure running. Just me, my filibuster sneakers and I.

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  1. Your joy in your accomplishments are apparent. And so what if you sweat? Or I mean "perspire"! They must be freaks!