Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Home Stretch

I had an amazing run last night. In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how I now love to run in the rain. Someone above must have read my blog, for it was pouring and windy last night. Awesome!

I threw on my hat and rain jacket, and cruised around for five miles while pedestrians looked miserable with their umbrellas turning inside out. I changed it up and instead of turning on a podcast or audio book, I listened to a workout mix I haven’t listened to in months. It got me really pumped up, and I felt really positive about the marathon.

On a run the day after Hurricane Irene.

With the marathon so close, my runs feel like a reward instead of an obligation. The miles seem to fly by, and I feel really strong and motivated. I think about how I have completed almost 60 runs since the beginning of training; holy cow!

The hazardous stairs in front of my old apartment.
The beginning of so many great runs!

I am starting my to-do list for the marathon, and decided I need to pick up some iron-on letters so I can write my name on my shirt. I want to make sure people can shout my name during the marathon, and I’m sure it will help me stay motivated past mile 18.

I tried to run my visualization “tapes” in my head during my awesome run last night. Specifically, I imagined myself crossing the finish line at Cape Cod with spectators encouraging me in the last stretch of the race. It always gives me an extra boost of energy. That, and picturing Keith and me grabbing fall beers and seafood afterwards. Yum.

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  1. Yo Mate - you are getting near the big race. Wow! Your drive during these past few months have been incredible. Never did I think you would continue after the half marathon! But now look at you! Wish we could be there at the end but you know we will be thinking of you throughout and sending you our energy. Love ya, Daddy