Friday, October 21, 2011

Iron-on letters and a morning run

I went to the only craft store I could find in Manhattan yesterday, at Michaels on 96th street. Apparently I'm not the only one who likes to shop for whole punchers shaped like hearts and holiday cards on sale from 2007. I waited on line for about 20 minutes for my iron on letters for my marathon shirt... and a discounted pumpkin candle. Yay.

Meggie came over last night with iron in hand, and we put together my shirt for marathon day!

Go me!
I ran my last short run of the week this morning. I haven't done a morning run in about two months, but the pretty light outside (and the fact that the marathon is just over a week away) coaxed me out of bed. I'm so happy I decided to get up!

I never tire of the skyline.
I forgot how energizing morning runs are. I felt really amped up all day. 

Only three more runs until the marathon!!!!

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