Friday, January 6, 2012

Gingerbread Housing

Keith and I made an awesome gingerbread house in December (ok ok I'm admittedly delayed in posting, but I was really in the Christmas spirit last year). I purchased a kit at Michaels for $8, with gum drops and icing mix awaiting our creativity. As it turns out, making a gingerbread house is not as easy as you would think (let's just say there was more than one mishap involving an m&m). My only advice is if you've just come from the New Jersey DMV or some place equally as frustrating, have a cocktail before starting.

Our front door! Notice the m&m door knob (my doing) and
the New England Star above it (Keith's doing)
We ended up making a lovely house, that I'm sure any elf in the North Pole would have loved to rent. I would have even charged less if they figured out how to glue a gum drop chimney on the roof using only icing as an adhesive.

Aerial view... notice the festive tablecloth! Thanks pops!


  1. Quite creative! The attention to detail - roof shingles - is impressive. Did you end up eating any of it? At least the M&Ms? And what kind of mishaps can happen with innocent M&Ms?

  2. I love the roof myself! Keith's star is a nice touch. I am mostly impressed with the door's window beeing a catherdral type. So much fun I think this could be a tradition for you guys