Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolutions - Hello 2012!

While I was sitting at dinner with Keith on New Year’s Eve, munching on yummy nachos and burgers (hey, we were in for a long night of carousing), we discussed our adventurous New Year’s Resolutions.

I remember being excited about my resolutions for 2011; I set out to read more challenging books, be healthier, do more crafts, and run a half-marathon. While my library didn’t exactly include the likes of Jane Austen (though, the Hunger Games trilogy was awesome), I did manage to run the Brooklyn Half-Marathon and the Cape Cod Marathon. Running the marathon was by far my most proud accomplishment last year, and I wouldn’t have traded the experience for more historical novels in my repertoire. So in an attempt to do something really cool this year, here’s the list for 2012:

1. Eat Healthier
Living in Brooklyn and working in Soho lends itself to craft beer and turkey burgers. I always set out to eat healthier each year, but I’m finally going to make a more conscious effort to eat more veggies write down my food intake. I may even start making those Shape Magazine recipes I keep reading about that somehow combine tomatoes, acai berries, and tofu into a delicious meal. Yum.

2. Make More Phone Calls
Most of us have become pretty content with handling all distance-interaction via text and email (hint hint Keith). It is so rare to get a phone call out of the blue now – though I’ll admit that I am a repeat offender in screening calls. I’m taking a stand against SMS – expect more phone calls from me!

3. Travel Somewhere Fun
I’m keeping this open-ended because resolutions should be fun and attainable! And I live on a 23-year-old’s budget… in the great recession. Though, I will not allow Six Flags or my parents’ backyard to count on this one (But I do love a good roller coaster….).

4. Run Over the Brooklyn Bridge
Pending I run another marathon this year, this shouldn’t be too out of reach. I do want a buddy to do this with, as I’m strangely nervous I will enter the car lane instead of the pedestrian walk way. However, I’m pretty sure the Real Housewives of New York did it in one episode, so it can’t be that hard.

5. Learn How to Make Flan
At Christmas, my parents got me an awesome vintage kit of pans to make flan. I’m hoping my temperamental oven has this on its resolution list as well.

That’s the shortlist! If I’m still on track come February, maybe I’ll add a few that I didn’t get to tick off last year. And maybe even Elizabeth Bennet will get lucky in 2012 - she’s been known to be pushy.

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  1. Good luck with 2012 and your resolutions! All appear to be attainable. As for me, you will help me with two of mine as I have goals of eating flan and recipes from Shape Magazine (though probably and realistically not as the main meal). Finally, the lines are always open!