Monday, February 20, 2012

Less Dairy, More Running

Last week, I decided to eliminate almost all dairy from my diet since I keep reading that a lot of people are actually lactose-intolerant and don’t know it (I say almost because I will never give up cheese). And after 9 days, I have to admit I feel a LOT better. I normally have some sort of stomach ache every few days, and this past week my body was thanking me for giving up my daily intake of 1% milk, yogurt, and cream in my coffee. Another plus, I’ve been replacing my dairy with more veggies to keep me full when I need a snack. Go healthy food go!

Mmm... Brussels sprouts.
I also just learned that it is spelled "brussels sprouts"
and not "brussel sprouts"
Did you know that?

After looking up half marathon training schedules and getting giddy about spring racing, I started running a lot more. My workouts looked something like this:

Monday: 25 minutes stairmaster, 25 minutes strength training
Tuesday: 3 Miles
Wednesday: Bootcamp class at Circuit of Change with Erin
Thursday: 5 Miles (including 2 miles speedwork!)
Friday: Rest day/Got my hair did
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 3 miles

Total Mileage: 16 miles

My favorite was Thursday night's run – it was a rainy, cold night, which stirred some nostalgia in me from my beloved summer training runs in the rain. I threw on my hat and running jacket, and headed to the track to start incorporating this speedwork thing that is supposed to make you faster. I did 4 x 400s (which, I’m still not sure if I’m doing right…), and each speedy lap was done at a 7:30 pace! It was fun to change up my pace so much, and pass the fast people on the track for once.

I’m already fantasizing about what marathon I’m going to sign up for in the fall… I’m leaning towards the Philadelphia Marathon or the Hartford Marathon, as both are conveniently close to Keith’s parents' and my parents' houses. And both are supposed to have relatively flat courses, thus allowing a faster marathon time. Though, I loved every single hill of the Cape Cod Marathon.

I still have plenty of time to decide… but there’s no harm on visiting marathon sites every other day or so…

To cap off an awesome week, Keith and I made a fantastic dinner last night.

How can I give up cheese when
things like nachos exist?

Mmm.. brussels sprouts, apples, squash and feta cheese
all in one salad 

Actually "dipping" the strawberries didn't work,
so we just poured the chocolate on them.
And yes they taste just as good as they look.

Here’s to another week of running, good food, and feeling healthy! Happy President's Day!


  1. Philly marathon! You know you want to.

  2. Another vote for Philly! And yes, I did know it was Brussels Sprouts but it is hard to say (similar to "iced tea"). Great post and your pictures are making me hungry.