Monday, February 13, 2012

Love in bubbles

Let's talk about love.

I love bubble baths.
I love bubble baths with Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Wash.

True love.
I also love Keith's mom's homemade pasta sauce.

I spent yesterday doing things that relax me. After over-working my body last week, I realized that it was in desperate need of some TLC. After de-cluttering my apartment to clear my head, I took the inaugural bath in my beloved studio. It was awesome.

I came out feeling so incredibly relaxed - so relaxed in fact, it was a feeling that was almost foreign to me. I felt warm, safe, happy, and calm. 

I continued my day of TLC by attempting to recreate Keith's mom's amazing pasta sauce. Famous in Bristol, CT, Kathy Langlais makes a marinara sauce that is, simply put, heavenly. She kindly sent me the recipe, as well as some of the key (possibly secret?) ingredients as part of my Christmas present.

Don't stress about the mess.
Although mine didn't compare to the Langlais masterpiece, I think I made a valiant effort. Keith and I cleaned our plates, and my day of TLC was complete with a happy and full stomach.

With garlic bread and Yellowtail
of course.
I was so relaxed today, that I actually pushed fewer people on the subway.

I think Japan is on to something.
I walked slower, smiled at the shining sun, and by the time 11am came, there wasn't a trace of the Monday-morning blues I usually get. 

I want to hang onto this feeling for as long as I can. So this week, I vow to be the person who waits for the next train, instead of the annoying (though practical) person who squeezes on the overly-crowded one. 

WAIT! I almost forgot.

I also love running.

NYRR opened up spring race registration, and I signed up for three races today!

Three races = three mornings of post-run brunch. With these fine ladies.

Monday blues be gone!

Peace, love, and bubble baths.


  1. What a great looking meal! Are you going to cook for us????

  2. Forgot to mention, great looking feet, too!