Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 13 - Tri Training

It’s hot today.

It seems like spring just passed us by, and we arrived in summer.

It was only this past Saturday that I left the house in running pants, a t-shirt, a running jacket AND a rain jacket. I left my house this morning in shorts and a tank top.

I did 5x500s and totaled 5 miles, and I wished after about 1 mile that I didn’t have an anti-sports-bra-only policy. I’m just not a fan of runners who choose to leave the house half-dressed. Put on a tank top like the rest of us, people. 

But this morning, I seriously considered taking off my sweaty tank top. I didn’t, but for the last mile of my run I rolled up my shirt so that my tummy could get a little wind. It felt really good. I think it was a good look too.

OK you caught me - I did 4.96 miles. But my last
400 was at a 7:17 pace! Gimme some love.
I put in some good training hours this week:

Saturday: 5 Mile run, mini bike ride in the rain
Sunday: 2 hour bike to Central Park
Monday: 15 minute swim
Tuesday: 1. 5 mile run, 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: 35 minute swim
Thursday: 5 mile run

My bike ride on Sunday was perhaps one of the best ones I’ve had all season.

Love my new Raleigh!
I usually bike to Prospect Park, but I wanted to shake things up. It was a perfect high-60s afternoon, and I got some serious hills in. The Queensboro Bridge is one long uphill, and I have not forgotten the rolling hills of the Park from my 9+1 race last year. But it felt really good to reach the top of those hills, and I feel like my bike legs have seriously improved in fitness.

I went to the same insane spin class I went to last week. It’s called “PX3” (why are Xs always in the middle of insane classes?), and it’s a really intense class with a bit of weight training throughout. I love this teacher because she turns off the lights and says little "woo!"s in the middle of songs to keep us going. I feel like people are secretly/not so secretly constantly looking at themselves in the mirror at spin. I love that she turns of the lights so you can just focus on your biking and the music, not what your hair looks like.

My swim this week was better than last week. I once again was dreading it, but my sprints were easier than they usually feel. I'm trying to be a bit more positive about swimming because next weekend is our first OPEN WATER SWIM. 

I really can't wait for this.
The more I think about it, the more I freak out a little. Tight wetsuit, open water, lots of people around me kicking and stuff. I need to do some serious meditation before this swim. 

I'm also trying to decide whether to do a sprint triathlon before the Olympic one in July. I'm a gal who likes to do practice races, and since I've never done a transition between swimming/biking/running before, it could be helpful. There's a race in NJ that I'm eyeing; it's not too far from my parents house, and it's so lowkey that they don't even give you your splits. Could be right up my alley.

And this finally happened!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am so FREAKING excited!!!!!!!

Training plans! New sneakers! Long runs!!!! It cannot come any sooner.

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  1. The training in 92 degree whether will help you come July! If it is that hot, the swim will be GREATTTT!!!