Monday, March 26, 2012

Blossoms and Thong Sandals

There are lots of fun and new things that have happened to me recently.

Today, I ran with a braid in my hair since the first time since high school. I also finally figured out that if you put your ear buds in backwards, the headphone cord doesn't swing constantly in front of you while running (why did I only realize this today?).

Is none of this compelling to you?

Well I also saw a guy at the track wearing a pair of gladiator-thong sandals. I would venture a guess that they don’t make these in men’s sizes.

He's onto a new barefoot running movement.

Another thing that feels new – seeing pretty trees blossoming for spring.

Beautiful Greenpoint!
I don’t know if they are actually more beautiful this year, or if I just never really appreciated them before, but I think they are so lovely.

The result of Papa Wyman's green thumb.

I went home for the night last Friday, and got some QT with my fam. I also had a 7-mile run in the lineup for Saturday morning, and long runs are always more fun away from your usual routes (how many times can I run the Williamsburg Bridge in 16 miles? Apparently three.). I felt really strong and the weather was great, and I ended up running the route at a sub 9:00 mile pace.  Followed by freshly brewed coffee and eggs with Mama Wyman, it was a picture-perfect morning.

Keith and I tried Upright Coffee for the first time this weekend too!
Coffee art never fails to win my heart.
I had a rumbly tummy all day today, and thought I should take the night off from running. But I got home, had some Ritz crackers, and felt like new woman. So I hit the track to kick off Week 5 of Half-Marathon training.

I was scheduled to do 7 x 400s, and the splits looked something like this:

1: 1:45
2: 1:48
3: 1:45
4: 1:45
5: 1:45
6: 1:44
7: 1:46

They vary only slightly because of my very scientific pink timex method.

My cool down home was defined by the stomach cramps that were creeping up during laps 5-7. Luckily I have a trusty boyfriend who lives a few blocks closer to the track than I do. And he happened to be home when I needed to rush up to his bathroom. God bless him.

On a less gross note, registration for the Brooklyn Half Marathon FINALLY opened today!

Eight weeks 'til the big race!

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